"Coaching Today's Youth to Become Coachable"

    BTKQS is Shaped by Five Main Pillars of Ideology;

  • Academics - We are committed to reinforcing the importance of education to the youth of our program. We hold high expectations for all of our members in regards to them putting forth their best effort in the classroom.
  • Athletics - We feel that participation in sports is a great tool to teach skills that can be utilized to help youth better understand the qualities needed to be successful, as well as, lessons that can be beneficial to them throughout their lives.
  • Character - The qualities that are essential to having good character are the central theme of our academy and are constantly reinforced through different elements of the program.
  • Community - We stress to our members the importance of having a sense of responsibility to give back to the community.
  • Commitment - BTKQS commits to being responsible, accountable and disciplined in order to achieve success. We believe in being self-obligated to attaining success through hard work and dedication.

Coach Manny founded BTKQS in June of 2012. His passion was to help at-risk youth become strong athletes that were coachable while also developing strong work ethics. Coach Manny wanted a program for the youth that was affordable. He wanted all youth, regardless of income or race, to have an opportunity to learn the game of basketball and bring out their fullest potential.
BTKQS not only helps at-risk inner city youth but also gives back to the community. Within a year of starting BTKQS, numerous corporations such as Panera Bread and The Source Shoe Store have supported the organization. Every Wednesday night, Panera Bread donates food to BTKQS to enable BTKQS to bring food to the Peter Paul Child Development Center in Churchill every Thursday morning.

BTKQS prides itself in throwing annual Back to School and Summer Slam fundraisers where they have giveaways, motivational speakers, and Feed the Community programs.