"Coaching Today's Youth to Become Coachable"

Please pay and register online. Once you have submitted the application, please submit payment. Your spot is not confirmed until your payment has been submitted. Someone will be in contact with the head coach for scheduling and verification of ages. The team will have to provide copies of birth certificates so that ages can be verified.

All Games will be held at BlackTop Kings and Queens Youth Sports Academy located at 318 W. 19th St, Richmond, VA 23224.
All games will be held on Saturday mornings. Games will begin on Saturday, November 4th through December 10th. There will not be a game on Saturday, November 25th. Tournament style playoffs will be held on Saturday, December 9th and 10th.

There will be two different age divisions. There will be one division for ages 8-10 and there will be another division for ages 11-13. If you any member of the team that falls in the older age group, the team has to play with the older age group.

Fall Registration Fee