Benefits of Sports Camps

Sports Camps Help You Focus
Sports camp is a place to get serious about a particular sport. Even if your sports camp is just a day sports camp for young kids like BTKQS, it’s a place to learn about sports, about sportsmanship and about how to be a healthier, stronger and a better athlete. For older kids who are very serious about sports, sports camp is a place to put everything else aside and keep your head in the game. Hours of drills and lessons on technique keep you focused on your individual sport, whether it’s basketball,football, baseball or more. Most kids come back from sports camp and intend on being the best for themselves and their team.

Sports Camp is a Place to Develop Social Skills
Kids need interaction and they need to be challenged with meeting new people and learning to deal with all types of personalities. Sports camp such as BTKQS is a great place to bump into new people, but people who have some similar interests. They’ll learn to mingle with new people and they’ll make plenty of new friends, too, sometimes friends who will last a lifetime.

Sports Camp is Fun
I mean, it sounds obvious, but sports camp is just a fun thing for kids of all ages. What could be better than heading to a camp for 5 days, bunking down with other kids from around the region and becoming a better basketball player, football player, or goalie, or just getting some exercise in a fun environment?

BTKQS Sports Academy Help Develop Crucial Life Skills
Leadership; Teamwork; Good sportsmanship; Regular exercise; Competitiveness; Life and Work Ethics; Inspirational Speeches; these are just some of the skills your kid will learn at BTKQS. In many cases, they’ll learn skills that they won’t get anywhere but BTKQS!

"Coaching Today's Youth to Become Coachable"

Ages 6 & Up!

There is a $50.00 registration fee. The weekly rate is $75.00 per week per child.

This camp is for ages 6-17. You will need to pack a lunch, water and a snack for your child.

Field trips are an additional cost.Click here for the field trip calendar and costs. It is not required for your child to go to all field trips. They can stay back at the gym.